Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Warren Ellis

I’m re-reading Warren Ellis’ run on Stormwatch and The Authority for the 3rd or 25th time. It’s still a brilliant take on super-heroes. I’ve worked my way through the Stormwatch material and am just waiting until I have the time to dig out Absolute Authority vol1 to read The Authority run. That run of books turned super-heroes upside down. It’s one of the reasons I’ll take a look at anything Ellis does.

The other is Transmetropolitan. Transmet is unique in mainstream comics publishing. Science fiction with a hard political edge from one of the big two and nary a spandex clad body in sight. Other notable works are Planetary, Scars, Orbiter and Global Frequency. There are many, many more. He doesn’t always hit the mark, but it’s usually interesting. Even the mainstream super-hero work he does is worth a look. If nothing else I know that some of the money I pay for those books goes into his pockets allowing him to do the kind of work I really enjoy in comics and fiction in general. Take a look at his blog site die puny humans. A fairly complete list of his works is there.



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