Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Black Widow #1-3 Morgan, Sienkiewicz and Parlov

I am really enjoying this book. This is a mean, sharp edged Black Widow. This is how I imagine someone who has been through the cold war and gone through the crap Natasha Romanova has gone through would turn out. She's smart, sexy and ruthless.

I don't know if Phil Dexter is an orginal creation of Richard Morgan, but he's a great character who plays well against Natasha's coldness.

Goran Parlov is doing a good job telling the story visually, but it's really Bill Sienkiewicz's work that got me to buy the book and I wish he'd done the layouts as well. This could have been an exceptional book if he had.

The story is pretty basic. Old school cold war Russian agents are being killed and Natasha is on the list. She decides to do something about. That's about it. What makes this a fun read is the character work. I'm not even annoyed by Natasha's narration. Well, not too much anyway. Definately worth a look.


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