Saturday, June 25, 2005

Street Angel Volume One - Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca

Reasons to buy Street Angel Volume One

Nice art by Rugg. Very reminiscent of David Lapham's Stray Bullet's. Rugg's art is a little looser on the backgrounds and a bit crisper on the characters, but definitely in the same vein.

Witty and entertaining, if somewhat bizarre, writing by Rugg and Maruca.

Bizarre writing by Rugg and Maruca.

Jesse Sanchez - the Street Angel. A homeless orphan, she uses her Kung Fu and phat skateboarding skills to protect Wilksborough from ninjas, drugs, nepotism and pre-algebra.

Cosmick - the Irish astronaut

Time travel.

Doctor Pangea - master of the Dark arts of Geology

A special guest appearance by Jesus Christ.

Reasons not to buy Street Angel volume One

You are an uptight religious fanatic with no room for humor in your life.


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