Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March Quickies part1

March has been a great month so far. Three weeks straight of terrific books. Of course some of that reflects my buying habits. I've been cutting back a lot lately so there's less crap on my reading list. Here are some highlights from March.

100% Paul Pope

I'm still not sure what happened in this story, but I had a great time reading it. Beautiful art and storytelling.. Amazing writing. I'm tempted to explain this book away a a cross between this and that with a little of the other thrown it. That would be a disservice to Pope's inventivness. There are definately many influences in here, but Pope has made it all his. There's no one in comics doing work like his and very few reaching his level.

Seven Soldiers Grant Morrison and friends

This is where I'm spending my DC money for the next several months. Forget about COuntdown to Infinate Crossovers or whatever the heck it's called. Morrison is the man.

Wolverine #26 Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Wolverine only appears in this issue a bit. It's a great read. Even without the main character Millar drives the action forward and a frenetic pace and the next issue looks to be a killer, literally.

JLA Classified Giffen, DeMatteis and MacGuire

Man I missed this. I really did. This creative team's 1980's run on JLA (or JLI for you sticklers) was a brilliant and entertaining break from the grim and gritty heroes who had taken over the industry in the wake of Millar's Daredevil and Batman. Now it's relief from the wide screen superheroics that have been the mainstay of the industry since Ellis and Hitch's Authority. I find I'm looking forward the latest new take on the Defenders. With this team on that book it could be great.


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