Thursday, March 03, 2005

February 2005 Quickies Part 1

Powers #6 Bendis and Oeming

I'm still reading. This issue was better that the last one. Given the fact that I'm pretty burned out on Bendis and feel like Ive heard everything he has to say, and it all sounds the same, "I'm still reading" is pretty amazing.

Solo #3 Paul Pope

This is the only one of these that I've picked up. It's a nice idea. I like Pope's work and was not dissappointed.

Stray Bullets #36 David Lapham

Great read. A great combination of character and story. Most screenwriters could learn something from Lapham.

Ultimates 2 #3 Millar, Hitch and Neary

A great finish to the opening arc. Now we finally get a Hulk and Banner that I can recognize and fits into the Ultimate universe.

JLA Classified #4 Giffen, DeMateis, Maguire and Rubinstein

The old JLI gang done by the old creative team.. What more could you ask for?

That's enough for now. More after my brain stops simmering in my skull.


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