Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ultimate Nightmare #2 Ellis, Hairsine and Decatro

It's starting to move now. The first issue was okay, but dragged a little. This one's got some great bits in it and is reminiscent of The Authority. Trevor Hairsine is one of the many Brian Hitch look-a-likes we've been seeing in the last few years, but he does a good job of it and it suits the science fiction spin Ellis puts on his super-heroes. Nice inks by Nelson DeCastro and exceptional color work by Frank D'Armata make this a nice book to look at.

The biggest accomplishment in this issue is that Ellis has finally made Sam Wilson, The Falcon, into an interesting character. When he first showed up I thought, "Oh, no, not Ultimate Falcon." I was wrong. Sam Wilson is a compelling character. He's a very smart man, willing and able to face down both Nick Fury and Captain American. The exchange between Sam, Cap , Fury and Natasha Romanov alone is worth the price of admission. I want to see where Ellis takes this character.

Definitely worth a look if you liked Ellis' work on The Authority or Mark Millar's Ultimates or Ultimate X-Men.


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