Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ocean #2 - Ellis, Sprouse, Strory and Mayor

This book is shaping up nicely. Lots of nice big pretty pictures to look at courtesy of Chris Sprouse and company, but still plenty of story to move it along nicely. It doesn't feel as decompressed as some of Warren Ellis' more recent books, but that could just be me. Maybe I'm getting used to it.

The story, set around 100 years in the future, revolves around a space station in orbit about the Jovian moon Europa and what the crew have discovered there. The United Nations has sent out a Weapons Inspector to investigate the situation. We're seeing the story from his perspective so far.

I'm enjoying the individual issues, but I think this is one to pick up in as a collected trade. It's probably going to make for a satisfying single sitting read when it's done and the talent on the book almost guarentees that Image will collect it. The only question will be how long it takes them to get around to it.


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