Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Superman Strength #1 McCloud, Amancio and Austin

Scott McCloud does Jack Kirby. That about sums it up. Fun writing and great layouts, both by McCloud. The finished art doesn't thrill me as much. Aluir Amancio is doing a passable Kirby, but it's got something else over the top of it. I see some McCloud in there, which makes sense since he did the layouts, but there's something else that doesn't quite fit and it makes everything feel off to me. Terry Austin's inks are tight, but everything looks a little shiny, especially Superman. He looks like he's made of steel of something. Not too obvious, huh?

The best thing the book has going for it is McCloud's new villain. A Kirby bad guy if ever there was one and the best kind of nemesis for Superman. The kind that uses his brain to outwit the Man of Steel. And he does, is a very Kirbyesque manner. It's fun. Goofy, but fun. I'm going to stick with it. If you like big, goofy, bombastic superhero comics give it a look.


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