Thursday, October 28, 2004

Amazing Spider-Man #513 Straczynski and Deodato

Well, now I know why JR Jr left Spider-Man or I guess so anyway. I suspect he didn't want to be be a part of what J. Michael Straczynski has done to Gwen Stacy. After all, his dad drew a good deal of the books that showed her relationship with Peter and he inked (over beautiful pencils by Gil Kane) the issue in which she died. Maybe I'm off base here and JR Jr's departure from Amazing Spider-Man is just a coincinence. Mine isn't. And I had really been enjoying what Straczynki has been doing, too. I even like this current incarnation of Mike Deodato. But now Straczynski has decided to violate the corpse of Gwen Stacy and I just have a very bad taste in my mouth. It is shocking and unexpected. It's controversial and probably has fan boys who have never heard of Gwen Stacy drooling for a big showdown with Norman Osborn. If I were Peter I'd hunt the bastard down and kill him, but Peter is a hero. He's better that that. Right? Bah. Two more issues until my pre-orders run out and I'm gone.


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