Monday, December 20, 2004

Avengers 503, Avengers Finale, New Avengers - Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch and Danny Miki

So it's all done and there is a new beginning.

Let's start with the ending. Avengers #503. It's not bad. The art is good. The writing is what it is. I think it works, but I didn't really like it. There are some great bits. It all fits together so neatly. The Scarlet Witch has been unstable for a long time and this is the ultimate culmination of everything that has happend to her over the years.

There are some bad bits. It all fits togehter so neatly. I'm sorry but I've seen this story so many times with this character. It was handled so well and in a very classy way. I loved the use of the Lee/Kirby pages at the end of Avngers #503. But come on. The Avengers are in the biggest trouble they've ever faced and it's the Scarlet Witch, again. Or it's Henry Pym and Ultron or the Vision or, well you get the idea. The biggest problem the Avengers seem to face are their own members. I knew a change was coming with The New Avengers coming out, but I was hoping the event heralding the change would be something new, not more of the same. Instead it was a wrap up that gave us more of we've seen in the Avengers for the past 20 years. It's just very, very disappointing. That's all.

Avengers Finale. Yeah, whatever.

The New Avengers #1. Bendis loves writing Spider-Man. He loves writing Matt Mudock. Not Daredevil. Matt Murdock. You can tell because he really has fun with them. He also puts them into books that they just plain don't fit into. I hope this goes away soon. I hope it gets thrown away as a bad idea sometime in the next few years. These characters just don't belong in The Avengers. The book feels like that horrible relauch of key Marvel titles by Image guys a few years ago. Bleh.


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